Ottawa Optometrists Offer Exams At Retail Eyewear Stores

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Ottawa Optometrists
Not surprisingly, there are many licensed optometrists in the Ottawa area. If you and your family are due for eye examinations, one option you may not have considered is visiting an in-store optometrist at one of the well-known retail eyewear stores.
Advantages of Optical Store Eye Exams
Retail chains like Hakim Optical usually offer eye exams by licensed optometrists during specific store hours. Call your local store to find out on what days (or hours) an optometrist will be available, and ask whether or not you need to book an appointment. There are many advantages to having your eyes examined at an optical store:
  • Choose Frames On The Spot. While a lot of independent optometrists keep a small number of frames on hand, large retail eyewear specialists offer thousands of possibilities. Whether you're looking to replace your current frames, or whether you're choosing a first pair of eyeglasses, with such a huge selection available, you're sure to find just the right frames.
  • Prices Are Lower. Some high-end fashion frames will cost as much as 50% less at Hakim Optical than at smaller optical boutiques. As well, these larger stores often offer special promotional deals such as "Two Pairs For The Price Of One,” or "Beat the Competitors' Advertised Price.” Children's prescription eyeglasses are usually priced very affordably.
  • Eye Exam Cost. In Ontario, an eye exam costs approximately $70. Sometimes just booking an in-house eye exam will earn you a coupon that can significantly reduce the price of your eyeglasses or contact lenses. This really helps to offset the examination cost.
  • Speedy Service. Stores like Hakim's have opticians that work in the store, and they're often able to make your lenses while you wait. One-hour service is not uncommon.
  • Capabilities. While smaller stores may have to send your lenses away if you require anything other than a standard lens, larger retailers have the ability to grind specialty lenses such as bifocal, trifocal, multi-focal, or progressive lenses.
  • Guarantee. Larger retail eyewear stores usually offer a one-year guarantee on your eyeglass frames. If you have sports-playing children, this is especially important!
  • Free Consultation, Cleaning, and Adjustment. The friendly and well-trained personnel at larger stores can help you to adjust your current frames properly, or to choose new frames that suit your face.
  • Many Locations Near You. In the Ottawa area, for example, Hakim's has at least seven Factory Outlet stores. This ensures that you won't have to travel far to find quality eyewear.
  • Dependability. Larger chains are well established, well known, and dependable.
Regular Eye Exams
Children and adolescents need annual eye examinations, since their eyes change rapidly. Vision problems can prevent them from excelling at schoolwork and at sports, and early detection of vision problems in children is crucial.
Adults from the age of 19 – 39 need an eye examination once every two years. Even if your vision is problem-free, there are other eye conditions that an optometrist will check for.
Adults over the age of forty should return to having annual exams, since age greatly increases the risk of developing conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts.
Call a well-known optical store and book your eye examination today. Eyes are for life!